How to display your perfume and create more storage

Honey,  when it comes to decorating,  believe me,  it’s the little things that make you feel luxurious.   Like displaying your perfume on a tray!


My apartment together doesn’t have a lot of bathroom storage but some things,  like this,  are just necessary so here is how I put mine.

I had this extra towel rack,  the kids D you see I  hotel rooms where they pile on  the towels… Well,  it’s just me and I have an extra set for guests,  so I decided I needed to utilize this space better.


So first I took a piece of  cardboard from one of my moving boxes,  which just so happened to be pink.   I cut it to size and secured it with zip ties (cut down the edges and notice).   Then I placed my tray on top.
This was an old brown tray my mom had lying around that was crying out for a makeover.  So I sprayed it gold and dabbed greens, blues,  silvers,  and Browns into it to give it an antique look.
Then display your perfume on it… Because those beautiful bottles aren’t meant to be hidden.


I surrounded it with a couple of candles,  a jar full of lipsticks,  and a guest jar (with all the neccessities).

Then I noticed I had this bar hanging from it that just cried out for a basket to be hung from it.   So I found a nice metal one at a resale shop and filled it with other daily items like night creams and face masks.   Even better,  there is room for another one should I need it later on.
And lastly,  I had all these cute hair flower clips that I just didn’t have a place for,  so I decided to hang them on a ribbon,  and clip them onto it.
And viola, instant storage and a little bit of luxury.



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