Lesson 2 recovery is hard

So after a good solid couple of weeks,  I’m exhausted and that’s not good for healing.    I am working with the school to find a way to take the full course load but not have the full attendance because 8-10 hour days when you are only a month out of spinal surgery is exhausting.    Monday or Tuesday should bring news one way or another.    Worst case I postpone,  better choice is i take half the classes and add a trimester,  and best choice is full course load but not full attendance.    I am good at pushing myself but this is clearly a little too much.    The courses themselves don’t seem to be too much but it’s hard to stay caught up being exhausted all the time.   

I’m enjoying that it seems very much focused on vitalism- this idea of letting the body heal itself and giving it the best chance it has to do so.   
My only complaint thus far in the curriculum is that they do dissection rather than prosection,  which seems like a waste to me because as a chiropractor I will never be dissecting, and the idea is to see an ideal example or a muscle for location and movement, not a butchered one done by students who have no idea what they are doing. 

I’ve met some great people who have very interesting and similar stories to how they got here.    I feel supported by them but also alone in my pain.
I am going home this coming Friday for my 6 week checkup and it will be good to have the comfort of mom and dad to rejuvenate and reassure me.

So really the moral of lesson 2 is similar to lesson 1; listen to your body,  it tells you when you are pushing too hard.     Whatever the dean brings back is out of my hands,  and I have to make healing my priority.  
I’ll let you know next post what the dean says and any further lessons I have learned.


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