Fridge grocery list tutorial #DIY #upcycle

I have done variations of this for years and it’s so easy it’s ridiculous.


You will need:
Picture Frame with glass
Colored paper
Black Glass writing marker
Permanent markers
Magnets with sticky backs

Place your paper in the frame and decide how many lines you want to draw.   I did sections for frozen,  dried,  fresh,  drinks,  and other.  Draw them in place with your glass writing marker.    Then remove glass from frame and stick I  the oven according to the directions on the marker- now it won’t will clean every time you clean your board.
Return to frame with colored paper.
Add a ton of magnets to the back,  the heavier the frame,  the more you will need.
Then add to fridge.   You can write on this with dry erase markers but sharpies work best.  Then you just remove with windex, water, or dry erase cleaner.

And you’re done!


I then just take a picture with my phone of the list when I go to the store.


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