Decorate your fridge (and be able to remove it when you move)!

So this is super easy and OMG looks so cute.   I saw it on pinterest and had to do it myself.


You will need:
Washi /colored duck tape
A fridge (or washer/dryer- I plan to do next)

So this is super easy and looks great.   Choose a subtle design that complements your decor but won’t overwhelm it.   Mine is black and white polka dots which works well with my very dramatic decor.

Then place neatly know straight lines across the fridge.  Be sure to cut at the edge of the door so it looks like it has curved nicely and won’t look messy.
Spacing is up to you,  you can eyeball it or measure it.  I eyeballed it which only means that before pressing down all the way,  you need to back up and make sure it’s straight and evenly spaced.

Do all the way down the fridge or in whatever pattern you please.  And you are done…. A 5 minute,  super cute,  unique way to decorate.



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