Cork pen holder magnets for fridge #diy

This one is also so easy it’s ridiculous!
And don’t worry,  you can add corks and wicker and still maintain a more modern decor!


You will need:
Magnets with sticky glue on the back
Drill with bits
Markers/ pens
A fridge

Take your cork and drill and start slowly drilling through the cork.   Go slowly because it can crumble.   Start with a thinner bit and go about 2/3 down into the cork. Continue to use slightly thicker bits,  working your way up to the size of pen or marker you have.
Once you have the right size to hold your pen or marker,  cut some of the sticky magnet and stick it to one side of the cork.
Then stick it to your fridge with marker inside and you’re done!  Add it next to a grocery list board to keep track of what you need (see my post on the magnetic grocery list board).



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