Up cycling a shadowbox to table storage

First off,  sorry it’s been a while since my last post.  I had surgery and was not up to crating.  Anyways this jewel was originally an unpainted wood shadowbox you can find at hobby lobby.   Now it is this!



I am currently using it for candle storage but that’s because I’m moving.  I plan to use it more decoratively in my new apartment.


You will need:
Paint- I went for a vintage rustic so used 2 shades of brown,  black,  a burgundy,  a vintage green,  and a dark gold.
Clear coat spray paint
Plastic bag or tissue for ragging effect

This is super easy…. Just paint in lines…. They don’t even have to be straight because that adds charm,  but they do need to be a consistent order.

I suggest painting one color at a time and approximating the space between lines of the same color.    Again this adds character by giving you lines of different thickness.   Work one side at a time so it dries.


Once you have done the last line on one side,  grab your tissue or plastic bag and scrunch it up into the palm of your hand and start dabbing it all over the side…. The semi wet paint will smear nicely.



And then once sell sides are dry,  spray paint a clear coat and you’re done!
*note don’t forget to take out the glass or plastic top when working on all this *





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