Earring holder diy frame

This an easy solution for a bathroom without a lot of counterspace so I needed to display earrings on the wall.


If you zoom in you can see that this is actually small chain perfect for hanging pairs of earrings.


So   you will need:
A frame with a back but no glass
Chain that’s a good site for earrings.  I got the smallest size home Depot offered and I got about 12 pieces that were 8 inches long (to correspond with my frame size)
Hot glue gun
Scrapbook page backing.


I decided approximate placement first.
Then I hot glued the chain on both sides of the frame.


A lot of hot glue……


Then I glued the scrapbook paper to the backside if it.


And lastly glues the original cardboard backing onto the back as well.  Be sure not to have covered the walk hook.  And viola.






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