Countdown to Chiropractic School

So, I currently have about 2 weeks until school starts. I will be moving to a new state, which after having lived in a third world country, really isn’t all that daunting. But I am worried because I just had spinal surgery and will be in a neck brace for a good 3 months or so.  I have everything packed and currently spend most of my days now sleeping in a prescription induced delirium where I apparently have entire conversations with people in my sleep.  Oh prescription pain meds lol.  That and try as much as possible to get ready for school when even daily activities are still a challenge.  But I have hope that things will work out. I probably won’t post here too often seeing as I will have to study, but my hope is to use this currently as a medium to share my knowledge and also as a future medium for a future practice.   So until I learn something cool to share, over and out.


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