Cork bar sign #DIY #cork

This was simple and a cute diy for all those extra corks.   I didn’t have enough to fill something pretty and I have already done a decorative letter so I needed to do something a little different.
So here is my cork bar sign.


You will need:
A cardboard backing (piece of nice cardboard)
Hot glue gun
Various paints (I chose brown,  yellow, green, and red to get this effect)
Corks (dependant on how large your sign is.. Mine took about 30)

So I did mine the hard way (glued the corks down first and painted second)  but I should have reversed the order.   This tutorial is for the corks first.

So I planned out my placement laying out my corks neatly on a flat countertop.    Then I removed each one and glued it down to the cardboard and to the next cork. I cut the middle cork of the ‘A’ to make it have more dimension. Then let it dry.
I left the ‘B’ open to make it easier for painting.



Then I started out with a basecoat of brown.


Then I added little random dots all over in the remaining colors.



Finally,  once everything dried,  I placed my last cork into the B.



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