Melting bird canvas art #DIY

This was pretty easy in comparison to the melting crayon art canvases (see my tutorial).  And I think you get pretty much the same effect.

You will need:
2 canvases (mine were pretty small)
6 paint colors (I just used tempra paint)
A paint brush or 2
Black cardstock
Hot glue gun
Lots of napkins
Mode podge


First,  sketch out your black birds.   I did mine free hand because I didn’t have or want to make a template.   Plus they are simple outlines so it worked well.   Also sketch  out the branch.
Then cut these out and put aside.

Next decide what order to put your paint on.   Place your canvas standing upright on something you don’t mind getting drips on.   Then  take your first paint color and the paint brush and get a nice thick glob of paint onto the brush and then onto the paper.   The idea is to get it to drip.   Use the brush to transfer more paint as needed and to help the drips go where you want them to.


Repeat with the other 5 colors,  being sure to wash the brush between each color, and let dry.



Then cut your branch in half,  making sure it goes across both canvases completely.   Once the paint is dry,  adhere the black branch into the canvases in the bottom 1/4 of the canvas.   Then adhere the birds where you want them.   Be sure that you place them so it looks like they are sitting on the branch.
Once the glue and paint dries,  grab a paintbrush and your modge podge.   Brush a few layers on and let dry.
And you’re done!

Simple, beautiful art 🙂


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