Great skeleton medical art

I saw this one on pinterest and loved it.   I thought it would be as easy as printing it out… But it didn’t work out.   So,  I did it by hand.


The proportions are a little off mainly because I can only write so small lol.

This was actually very easy just time consuming.   You will need:
Black cardstock
Pencil with eraser
White gel pen
And a printed template (you can use this one)

First I placed the black cardstock over the template to get an idea of how big and wide things were.  I made small marks corresponding to the approximate height and width. Then I hand drew it in with the pencil.
I then took the white gel pen and traced over what I had done.   There were some things that needed fine tuning and I was able to do that with the gel pen.  Once the pen was dry,  I erased all the pencil marks.   Then went over any areas that needed touch ups.
Then I cut the paper down to  size and put it in the frame.

Simple for a great effect for a student or someone in the medical field.


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