Card safe #DIY

This was a very simple concept that us a little more difficult than expected.


It’s so simple it really doesn’t warrant pictures on how to so I’ll just tell you.
You will need:
Deck of cards
Box cutter
Large binder clips
Modge podge
Paint brush
Trash can

Start by separating the cards into two piles.  Make a small one for the lid and a large one for the base.
Take your Modge podge and paint it all over the edges of both piles and secure to dry with the binder clips. Be sure to apply plenty along the edges of the cards.

Once dry,  remove the binder clips from the large pile and trace a large square on the top card… This is how large your safe insert will be.
Then start slowly tracing the lines with box cutter.   The cards should cut easily but 2 warnings: they make a large mess and it is easy to cut the rim of your safe if not done carefully.   The biggest problem I ran into was the corners not cutting all the way through.  To remedy this,  be sure to cut them as you go along so they don’t get too thick to handle.

Please be careful with the box cutter as it is very very easy to cut yourself!!!!

Once you have the depth you want,  add some more Modge podge along the inside and outside of the box to secure it and use the binder clips until it’s dry.

Then remove the binder clips and you can put it back in the box to be disguised better.  Done! Simple concept that with a little patience and a careful hand,  make an easy, uncommon safe for small items.



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