Fun twist on a hot dog #gf

This is a fun gluten free twist on a hot dog for July 4th! It’s a hot dog in a corn tortilla but the best part is this hot dog allows you to add all the trimmings for fewer calories than the bread version.


You will need:
Hot dogs
Olive oil
Corn tortillas (these are from a local restaurant but you can buy them at the grocery store)
And whatever trimmings…
I used:
Sharp cheddar cheese
Baby tomatoes
Mayonnaise (go for a little hit of the real thing (remember processed food is worse) ,  choose the olive oil kind)

I pan fried mine.  It gives it great flavor. . Add a little bit of oil to the pan and cook at medium heat.  Add hot dogs and cook until they start contorting and bubbling some. . They should be a little blackened.
If the tortillas are cold,  throw them on the pan for a minute on each side until they are warmed through (just a few minutes). .
Add hot dog to tortilla and then add trimmings.
I used spinach,  cheese,  baby tomatoes,  onion,  ketchup,  and a tiny bit of Mayonnaise.  I cut it in half and had a delicious hot dog wrap!
Believe me,  you won’t miss the original bread version!


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