Owl wreath diy!

This is going to be for my new apartment door…. So excited!  It’s a pinterest pin I’ve been dying to do so here it is.


You will need:
4 colored sheets of paper
Assorted ribbons
2 large flowers
2 medium flowers
2 buttons or sequins
Glue gun

Cut circles for the eyes and nose out of the cardboard.  Then cover in the desired scrapbook paper using the glue gun.

image           image


Next glue your large flower to the eye. And then the smaller flower on top of it.  And in the center,  your sequin or bead.


Then draw another circle if the same size onto a black sheet of paper.  From that circle,  create a set of eyelashes.


Glue to the backside of the eyes.

Wrote welcome backwards on the backside of desired paper ((EMOCLEW)  but make sure letters are facing the opposite way).
Cover in scrapbook paper and secure with glue.  Then cut out.

Decide colors for your ribbon bows and tie them into a bow and secure with a drop of glue.

Then grab your wreath.


Attach eyes and nose with hot glue at the top of the wreath.  Then your bows at the bottom and slightly askew to firm a hair bow.  And lastly place your welcome letters.  Secure all with glue.


Don’t forget a way to hang it.  I attached a thin wire to the backside by twisting it into the wreath.
And you’re done!


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