Pinterest Diy spoon flower $5

I saw this on pinterest and wanted to take it on. . It’s not very difficult and I am happy how it turned out.


You will need:
Plastic spoons (I used 2 bags of 48- $2)
Hot glue gun
Spray paint color $2
Clear coat spray paint
Small mirror (pulled mine from compact from the dollar store) – $1

First decide how large you want your flower to be and draw a corresponding circle on the cardboard. Then cut it out.
Start breaking some spoons.  I used pliers to cut them. Break them at the base of the spoon where the base meets the handle. If you go too high up, the spoon part cracks.
Then use the hot glue gun to glue them to the cardboard.


Start outside and work your way in. Be careful not to layer too tight or it makes it difficult for them to stay glued down.  Also make sure each row is not directly in front of the one behind it. Leave room in the center for your mirror.
Then start layering on some spray paint,  letting the layers dry in between.


Continue to add layers until you get the desired color… Be sure to let them dry in between though.


Then clear coat and let it dry.
You will now be able to pick off any loose glue strays that may have stayed on.
Once dry,  hot glue your mirror into place. I had some breakage in my last spoons u wanted to cover up so I used a permanent marker and a little silver paint in the end center but it looks good either way.



And your done…. Don’t forget to attach some sort of backing to put on the wall… Depending on your hanging method.



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