How to: Daily ‘effortless’ makeup tutorial


I am always told I do a good job of having my makeup look natural… But sometimes, it takes a lot to achieve that ‘effortless’  look.
I have gotten this down to a process so simple I could probably do it in my sleep.  So,  I thought I would share a couple of my makeup secrets with you… Which is scary because it means I have pictures with no makeup!  *gasp, cringe, shriek*
P. S.  I look cross-eyed in almost every picture lol. *sigh*
So here goes…


Naked face… Make sure it’s dry for your first step.


Put on a base coat of primer.
Then take your bronzer and your brush an apply it along the sides of your nose,  along your cheekbones, under your chin, and at a 45 degree angle above your eyebrow as shown below.

Rub it in a little with your finger until it is less harsh. Then grab your concealer and brush. Run it along the spine of your nose, underneath your nostrils, in the center of your chin, above and below the bronzer on your cheekbones, along your chin line, above your brows, and all around your eye. When blending in around the eye,  blend from the corner out to the cheekbone for best coverage.
*warning… These pictures are scary * The first is exaggerated to show you placement, the second is what it really looks like

bronzer  contouring 2

Make sure to blend until there are not any really sharp edges just shading.


Next use a powder that is slightly darker than your natural tone… Like a summer shade of powder. Dab this all over being careful not to be too dark around the highlighted sections.

Dark Powder

You should still see contouring and it should appear slightly too dark.

Then apply a slightly lighter shade,  such as your winter powder all over in the same fashion, being careful not to overly lighten the darker contour lines.

light powderIt should be a very subtle difference but more to where your skin tone should naturally be.

Next grab your blush and apply along your cheekbones and under your eyebrows for a natural glow.    blush and brow


Then fill in your brows.  I like the eyebrow powders because it allows me more control.  Also don’t forget to seal them into place with a little clear mascara.


Next grab your eye makeup.  For this tutorial, I am using a solid soft plum eyeshadow to complement my brown eyes and to look more subtle.

eye tools

Note the 2 mascaras,  one is for the top layer and one for the bottom… But I’m getting ahead of myself.

Apply the eyeshadow in a solid sweep along the eyelid. Then use your finger to blend the outer edges.



Next grab your eyeliner.  I have recently changed from pencils to gel liner which I love because of the level of control and how well it stays put throughout the day.eyeliner

You just need a little so it lasts forever.  Apply to the lash line of your eyelid.  This tutorial is for a gentle cat’s eye so extend the line slightly past your natural eye and keep the edge pointy.

top lid

bottom liner

The liner brush allows you a lot of control so be sure to make the investment. No dry time needed and it can be as thick or thin as you want.
Then lightly line the waterline (the bottom lash line) focusing slightly heavier on the outer corner.

Then grab an eyelash curler.  And give your lashes a curl.  Then apply a layer of mascara. I like to use the Great Lash (pink)  for the top layer because it has great building power. While that dries,  pull out the CK mascara for the bottom lashes… This mascara is great for separating and lengthening but not so much for thickening.
Then curl your top lashes again and apply another layer to the top lashes.

half mascara

One eye at a time…
Then repeat on the other eye…


Next take a large powder brush and your lighter powder and run it lightly along your face,  focusing under your eyes to catch any eyeshadow or mascara that may have flecked off onto your skin.

Then choose a lip liner.  It’s summer so I chose a light pink.lip

First find the part of your lips where they peak and draw an x along each crest as below…

x lips

This keeps your crest in place when you apply lipstick.
Next outline your lips with the pencil. A trick to fuller lips is to draw the line SLIGHTLY above and below your natural lip line.  In this picture,  I have only done half of my mouth so you can see the difference. (left side)

half extended

Then repeat on other side.

outline lips

And fill them in… This holds your lipstick in place and makes it less obvious as it wears off.

color in lips

Finally add some color… I used a pretty pink because it’s summer.

final makeup

And there you have it.  An ‘effortless’  daily look; appropriate for day or night!


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