Halloween makeup 2012 – unzipped zipper face


My friend,  Charles,  had to put up with many makeup sessions for Halloween,  but this was by far his favorite… Unzipped Zipper face.


This took some work,  but after the trial run,  it actually was pretty easy.
1- find a white or skin tone zipper because those are the easiest to blend in.
2- cut the edges of the zipper down but leave enough for the glue to attach to and to apply makeup to blend. Also cut to the appropriate length… For this, while it is definitely cool to have it go down your neck… It’s a lot more difficult to get it to stay so I recommend just to the base of the chin.
3- unzip the zipper to the desired location.
4- apply liquid latex to backside of zipper and hold in place until it dries.  Glue down the sides and top.  Start at the top of the head and work your way down,  do not do this all in one chunk.
5-once latex is dry,  grab some toilet paper and start separating the layers into very thin pieces.
6- apply the thin pieces in layers on top of the zipper and out towards the cheeks. This is to give the look of pulled back skin. . Be liberal with the layers and the amount of liquid latex.  Alternate sides so they have time to dry.
7- once you have achieved the desired skin you would like,  insert a butter knife on the space between the open zipper and the actual skin. Wiggle until you start forming a slight flap of skin. Try not to let it hang too much because with movement,  it will naturally loosen.  This should be dry enough not to come of and sturdy enough to keep its shape. . DO NOT PEEL ALL THE WAY BACK SO THAT THE TISSUE LAYER POPS COMPLETELY OFF.
8- with a skin tone foundation,  blend, blend, blend!
Use a sponge…. To achieve the smoother seam,  dab the sponge along the seam and let dry.  Add a layer of face powder just along the seam and then apply another dabbed layer of foundation. Repeat until it is almost invisible. Don’t forget to apply to the rest of the face as well.
9- start with a base layer of red makeup underneath the flaps and along the nose,  mouth,  and neck area.


You should be about here…
10- mix in some black into the bloody face part to add dimension.  Focus more heavily on the inside flaps.  Continue to alternate red and black smudging until you get a good the desired coverage and overall color. Don’t forget the lips and around the inside of the nostrils!
11- add some bruising to the eyes and forehead using black,  brown, green, and blue eyeshadow.  Use your finger to provide more effective smudges.  Also adding a dash of red into the bruise can help it look fresh… Do this with a red lip pencil or red eyeshadow.
12- set face with powder and a large brush. . Lightly apply to bloody face too to ensure it sticks better.
13- bloody it up… This gets a little messy so have a towel wrap.  Using a cotton ball,  apply liquid stage blood to the face by dipping it into the bottle and dabbing it on the face. . Apply liberally until desired gore is achieved.

And there you have it… The unzipped zipper face!



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