Simple tricks to make daily food healthier!

So there are a lot of simple tricks that you can do to take your regular meal and amp it up.  Best part is,  that it is often an easy change that makes a big difference.
So here is a list of a few of the tricks I use regularly.

-add fiber –  if you know something is going to be particularly unhealthy but you must have it that way,  like cookies or mashed potatoes,  toss in a serving or two of fiber into the mix.  This ensures you eat less of it but still allows you to have it!
-add nuts – adding nuts to anything already amps up the nutritive value,  but it gives an even bigger punch if you add it to high sugar items… Like ice cream!  That’s right eat your ice cream with nuts and the healthy fats help curb the effect on your blood sugar… But keep your serving size small to reap the benefits!
– sub skim for whole –  to a lot of long time cooks this is a cardinal sin,  but it shouldn’t be… If a recipe calls for milk,  make it skim and you add a higher dose of protein and healthy fat and cut the sugar!  It’s a simple switch that really doesn’t leave you wanting.  For an extra power play,  sub it in your cereal!  The only difference is it is much more watery than regular milk.
-sub healthy fats for butter and oil- when a recipe calls for butter, try substituting with olive oil,  banana,  avocado, or yogurt.  All of these provide similar textures and add great flavors.  I know it might seem weird but I assure you,  you will love the difference! 
Try my healthy brownie recipe to see how banana works in a mix!
– sub vegetable oil with olive oil or Apple cider vinegar and a drizzle of syrup or honey.  Both these subs provide the needed moisture but add a boost of healthy. 
-throw more in- this is a rule I use for just about everything.  Adding nuts,  fruit,  dried fruit,  and vegetables to typical recipes is a great way to sneak in good stuff. If you are making rice,  throw in a bag of peas and carrots while it’s cooking.  If you are making fish or chicken in the oven,  wrap it in foil and toss in a bag of frozen veggies.  If you are making a salad,  add dried fruit,  regular fruit,  nuts,  and more veggies… The more you add the better it tastes!  If you are having a carb dense meal like pasta,  add veggies to the mix.   For a rice casserole,  add veggies.  For an omelet, add tomato, avocado,  peppers, spinach, onions, and cheese.
It’s the easiest thing in the world to throw in a bag of frozen veggies to your food as it cooks and it adds flavor like you wouldn’t believe.
-throw it in the oven –  I’m all about easy meals so this is my go to…. Take a pan and line with foil.  Add any meat (fish,  chicken, pork, brisket) season with salt,  pepper,  garlic and lemon juice.  Add a bag of frozen veggies. Cover with foil and cook for 45 min at 350 (varies by meat)… Instant,  easy meal.
-perfect meat seasoning- if you walk down the grocery store aisles you will find dozens of meat seasonings but not all of them are healthy.  Some hide gluten,  msg, and wheat products in them!  So simplicity is key… And the best part is,  it always makes the tastiest meat… Salt,  pepper, and garlic to taste.   That’s it… And you are guaranteed good flavor!

Those are just a few of my go to tips… But stay tuned for more!


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