Foil eggs diy $1

So these eggs were a little more difficult than anticipated.  But my modified way is easy.  They didn’t come out as originally intended,  but they still look good so I’m happy.


For birds nest instructions,  please see my diy birds nest post!

You will need:
Easter egg… I just used a couple from the hundreds we have for Easter but assuming you don’t have any they are $1 for 6 at the dollar store

First you want to wrap the eggs in the foil.   Press it tightly against it and the idea is to get multiple textures over the egg.   To smooth some out,  you can use the backside of a spoon.  To get extra crumple, add extra foil.  Try to make the seams in a crinkly area so they stick down better.  You can glue them if they are stubborn.


They should look like this.   Then take your permanent marker and gently trace the crinkles. You can do as much or as little as you like but the key is to have a light hand so it doesn’t look too dark.


Continue until all the eggs are done.   That’s it.   The marker won’t run off and they are pretty sturdy.   Add then to your homemade bird nests for style,  easy,  and cheap decor!



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