Upcyle an ugly old bowl/vase $2


This is an easy upscale for this ugly rusted container I had lying around.   Unfortunately I forgot to take a before picture but let me assure you,  it had chunks of glue and moss on the inside and was rusty and ugly brown-green on the outside.   And now….



You will need:
Ugly metal container
Fine sandpaper
Spray paint color for base color
Spray paint for accent color
Clear coat spray paint
Plastic bag

First sand down the metal container with the sand paper to give the paint something to adhere to. Then wipe off the dust.
Spray paint base coat on in multiple thin layers,  letting each dry in between.  If you get ripples,  sandpaper them once dry and then repaint that section.
Once your base layer has dried,  crumple the plastic bag in your hand and find a good area with lots of folds.  You are going to ‘rag’  or dab the accent color.   Spray the accent color directly onto the plastic bag and then dab it onto the container.  You will have to reapply paint often and be sure to cover the entire container.
This layer will dry quickly so when you are done it’s okay to go ahead and clear coat it.
And you’re done!  Easy peasy.


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