Decorative tins diy $2

Ever wonder what you are going to do with all those great cookie tins you have sitting around?  Well how about taking them out of storage and using them regularly?!  Here is a simple and cheap way to repurpose those tins.



You will need :
A few Christmas tins
Spray paint in the color you want $1
Spray paint in an accent color $1
Clear coat spray paint
White plastic bag

First you must decide whether you want to use this for food items.   If you do,  you must make sure the spray paint does not get on the inside.   I decided to make gold my accent because the inside and rim of one of my tins was gold,  please see first picture.   This way,  I was able to keep the tin tightly sealed throughout.

First use the spray paint of choice.   Layer with a couple of light coats,  letting then dry between each.
If you notice any rippling,  it’s easy to fix. After it’s dried, grab some fine sandpaper and wipe it lightly until it’s smooth.  Then repaint over that one section.

Once you are done with the solid base color (make sure you did enough layers so it’s not see through),  grab your plastic bag and scrunch it up into a ball that you can hold with one hand.   Find a place with lots of folds and spray a little bit of your accent color on that spot.  Then dab the bag on the tin.  You will notice that you have an instant textured effect and that you will need to dab lightly to avoid too much in one area.   You will probably have to repeat this a couple of times to cover the entire tin.
This layer will dry quickly so when you’re finished dabbing,  you can clear coat the entire tin.

Let it dry and you’re done!  Super easy and cheap with a classy,  upcycled result!

– Taylor Luster



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