Staples for a gluten free kitchen

gf kitchen

About 4 years ago I went gluten free because I have Hashimoto’s thyroiditis, an auto immune disease against my thyroid.   It has been shown that going gluten free can limit the amount that your body attacks the thyroid so I made the change.
At first,  going gluten free is very overwhelming.  You basically can’t have anything with flour,  bread,  or certain seasonings…. So what can you eat?!
So first things first… Take a deep breath.   Mankind lived for thousands of years without eating bread and so can you… But with gluten free becoming such a fad,  you don’t even have to worry about eliminating bread completely; you are now just choosing a different product.

That being said,  unless you need to go gluten free for health reasons,  it’s not necessarily a healthier diet unless you are planning to eliminate bread and flour entirely. Stick to whole grains otherwise.

OK so a gluten free pantry is really not much different than than any other pantry staples. The following list is also great for a diabetes friendly and artificial sugar free pantry.

*Skim or 2%milk – these are the healthiest and good for cooking
*butter – make it real and whipped
*cheese – I like to keep sharp cheddar,  laughing cow bites,  mozzarella string cheese,  and pepper jack
*mayonnaise- choose one made with olive oil
*Lemon juice
*Italian dressing –  watch your sugar content
*Ranch dressing- try a yogurt based one
*ketchup- organic so no HFCS
*spicy mustard
*plain Greek yogurt- try Fage 2%
*lunch meat (from the deli)
*hummus- try Tribe roasted red pepper
*grapes- keep in fridge so they last longer
*baby carrots
*dark chocolate Hersheys syrup

*frozen veggies-i keep corn,  peas,  carrots,  green beans, squash, and mixed veggies
*frozen fruit- I keep oranges, pineapple,  and strawberries… These are good for cooking
*3 meats-  I usually have lean ground beef,  white meat chicken, and some sort of fish.
*nuts- keeps them fresh longer- I like pecans or almonds
*bread- gf bread must be frozen (try Udis or Canyon bake house)
*hot dog weiners (Hebrew national)
*ice cream- plain vanilla.  I limit myself to either a scoop or chocolate milk for dessert.

*black beans
*pinto beans
*vegetable soup
*diced tomatoes
*hormel chili
*Abuelita hot chocolate – Mexican hot chocolate mix
*yams/sweet potatoes
*russet potatoes
*dried cranberries
*tortilla chips
*instant mashed potatoes (some brands are actually really good)
*brown rice
*corn tortillas
*chex cereal
*peanut butter –  watch sugar and sodium content
*gf pasta- usually spaghetti
*marinara sauce- watch sugar and sodium content
*cans of tuna

*gf flour mixture – because trying to work with the 8 different kinds of gf flours is too complicated
*honey (organic and local)
*maple syrup (use the real stuff)
*olive oil
*apple cider vinegar
*garlic (I use the powder)
*sea salt
*table salt
*black pepper
*gf soy sauce
*brown sugar
*semi-sweet chocolate chips
*baking soda
*baking powder
*vanilla extract


*decaf coffee kcups
*cold brew tea
*country time lemonade
*one 6 pack of soda or Gatorade… Allowed 1 a day

With this arsenal,  I pretty much have every thing I need for any recipe. I also have plenty of quick snacks available like veggies and hummus,  lunch meat and cheese,  cereal,  sandwich fixings, etc.

A note: some of these are not ALWAYS in my pantry,  but for the most part,  this list covers everything I generally use while cooking.

– Taylor Luster


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