Diy standing bird’s nest $3

So I wanted to make really cool tin foil eggs (see my tutorial on foil eggs under decor) and needed a nest to put them in.   I wanted a good size one that would stand on its own and would be super cheap.  Hobby lobby had some but for 2 they were a little more than I wanted to spend.   So I went to the dollar store to make my own.

image     image

You will need
A glue gun
Glue sticks (about a bag for 2 nests) – $1
2 salsa bowls – $1
Package of floral moss – $1
Clear coat spray paint – optional

This is so easy it’s ridiculous…. But it is extremely messy so I also recommend a plastic bag to work in.
I recommend hot glue because it dries quickly and limits some of the mess.

Let your glue gun warm up and start by laying out thin lines on one section.  Grab a handful of moss and place it on the hot glue.  Be sure to press down some because you want it to be firmly on there.  Repeat until you have all of the bottom of the bowl covered.   Then tap the inside of the bowl so any excess falls back into the bag.   You can also pull of stray pieces you don’t like.
Then repeat for the inside.  Tap on the outside to release any stray pieces back into the bag.
Once you have removed any excess,  I would recommend spraying your creation with some clear coat spray paint.  If you don’t have any,  don’t fret,  it will be fine without,  the clear coat just adds a little extra hold.
And viola you have a great stand alone birds nest.   Repeat with the other bowl for 2 for the price of 1!

– Taylor Luster


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