How to whiten teeth with activated charcoal

So I saw this on pinterest and did lots of googling to find out whether or not this worked and then finally bought some on Amazon… I think it was like 10 Oz for $6. So I tried it and I think it worked!  You be the judge…
You will need:
Activated charcoal- crushed

OK so some of that’s redundant because you need those just to brush your teeth, but that’s step 1- brush your teeth as normal.  Then note the color of your teeth before.


Then I poured a little charcoal into the lid and crushed it. Try to get it as powdery as possible because the chunks feel unpleasant. Keep a towel handy because this stuff is a little messy.


Then I rubbed my toothbrush all in that…. You can use the same toothbrush because it comes off really easily.


Then brush your teeth with it.  You don’t need to brush harder or longer,  just like normal.
Then I let it sit for just a few minutes.  I clean my face during that time.
Side note: eww lol
P. S.  Don’t worry about taste,  there isn’t really a noticeable one.   Also,  while some sites say swallowing it can be helpful in a cleanse,  it is generally used in hospitals to deal with poisonings and overdoses… Sooo I would personally not recommend swallowing it.


Then rinse your mouth out with water.   I used my finger to help clean off the charcoal.
Don’t forget to floss because some gets stuck between your teeth.
And then step back and admire your slightly whiter teeth.   I think with regular use,  you will see lasting results.  Plus,  from what I have read it’s easier on your teeth than baking soda.


So what do you think?

Also as a side note,  charcoal is supposed to help keep the litter box fresh.  I’ve only done it for 2 days but it seems to be helping!!!

– Taylor Luster


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