How to simplify your morning and evening beauty routine

I don’t know about you but I am constantly looking for a way to remember all the things I have to do to take care of myself.  Between pills/supplements,  face creams,  face wash,  lotion, flossing, it’s just all over the place and by the end of that routine not only have I wasted time shuffling through my stuff to find what I need, but I have made a disaster of my bathroom.  I have tried everything from writing it on my mirror to creating a song to reorganizing my supplies a million times.   But this method has really been working for me and lots of people have told me this is helpful,  so I thought I would share.
It’s quick,  easy,  and I remember everything I need to do.

I made two shelves and put all my morning supplies on one and all my evening supplies on the other.


Let’s get a closer look.


For my AM routine,  I have a quick spray of lotion,  deodorant,  perfume,  and my vitamins. I don’t do my makeup in my room so this is a totally separate routine. Also,  don’t forget to brush your teeth and hair.

Then for my nightly routine:


This is where I really primp because I am usually not running out the door.
I have face wipes and eye makeup remover to remove makeup.
Then I brush my teeth and floss.
Then I can do a little grooming of brows, etc. With the tools I keep handy.
Then I use a face wash and toner to thoroughly clean my face.
Then I put on eye cream,  acne meds,  and cold cream (don’t forget your neck).   Then I proceed to lotion up my entire body with various lotions for different parts… Firming lotion for looser areas,  regular lotion for legs and arms,  and a foot cream (with socks)  for feet.
I spray a little saline in my nose to keep it moist and it also keeps my allergies under control. And lastly,  I grab any nighttime pills I need to take.

All of this can be done quickly and easily because it’s all in one spot and easy to grab.  I have cut my prep time in half and managed to keep my bathroom neat and clean.

Just a thought to help you  manage all the things we have to do to stay beautiful.  🙂

– Taylor Luster


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