Diy decorative paint cans

I saw a ceramic version of these at Hobby Lobby for like $40 each and I thought “I can make that!”.  So here is how I did it.


You will need:
Christmas tins-various sizes
Primer spray paint
Black spray maint
Acrylic paint in whatever color you want your paint drips to be
Paint brush
Clear coat spray paint

Alright so first clean put the Christmas tins you want to use.   Then coat them with the primer and let dry.   Then follow with a couple layers of black spray paint until covered completely. Don’t forget the lid!

Once dry,  take a pencil and decide where you want your paint to drip.   This is a good way to cover up some mistakes from the spray paint application.
Then fill in your outline with the acrylic paint.   This took 3 or 4 layers to cover up all the black spots.   Be sure to dab it so it has kind of a chunky,  thick look to it.
Then let it dry and clear coat it.

image    image

Easy and a great use for all those Christmas tins.   I am going to use mine as counter storage for flour and sugar etc.   If you decide to do that as well,  be aware that the inside is not food safe if you got spray paint in it.   So to make it okay for this purpose,  you need to either line the inside or keep it in the original bag.

– Taylor Luster


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