Filing cabinet makeover $30


So I have always wanted to do this and one day I just decided to stop wishing and do it.  This was definitely a labor of love but the results couldn’t be better.
What you need:
Filing cabinet (I found mine on Craigslist for $15)
Sand paper
Black spray paint (mine took 5 cans which I got for $5 total at walmart)
Clear coat spray paint
Modge podge
Wallpaper or gift wrap

First things first,  find yourself a great fixer upper filing cabinet. Then sandpaper the entire thing so the paint has something to adhere to.
Then start spray painting that sucker.  This took me a million coats to make sure it was solid everywhere and that everything (including inside the drawers)  was painted.
Once it’s FINALLY done,  clear coat it A LOT!  Let dry for 24 hours.
Then fit your paper to the cabinet doors.  Remove the hardware and mark it’s location on the paper with pencil before you glue it.   Then modge podge the paper onto the drawer. And then layer the modge podge on top of it.  Let dry for 48 hours.
Then put hardware back on.  And you’re done!



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