Melted crayon art $7

These were fun!  Here’s what you will need.
Paint pen
3 canvases (dollar store)
2 boxes of 48 crayons (dollar store)
Glue gun with glue sticks
Blow dryer
Trash can
Clear coat spray paint ($2 walmart)

So first decide what you want your silhouettes to be. I suggest printing them out and cutting them out so you can trace it onto your canvases.   Then trace it and color it in with a sharpie,  one per canvas.
Then separate your crayons by color scheme.  I did ones with greens and Browns,  one with reds and oranges,  and one with blues,  purples,  and grays.  Then randomly glue them to the top of the canvas.  Removing the paper is not necessary but you can.  In retrospect,  I think it would look a little cleaner to remove the paper wrapping.
Once you have glued the crayons to the canvas and they are securely on there,  move to the bathroom or someplace you can make a mess.
Blow-dry the crayons at an angle.  You can adjust how quickly they melt with heat settings but be sure to keep the dryer far enough away from the crayons so it doesn’t drip at an angle.   Blow from the top of the  crayons down keeping the canvas a slight angle.
I suggest blow drying in sections so you can control the dripping better.
The crayon dries quickly so you don’t have to wait for it.
Once you have the drippings how you want them,  scratch off any unwanted wax off your silhouette.  Then,  to keep it looking sharp,  trace your silhouette again with the black paint pen.
Finally clear coat the entire thing.  I used a clear coat spray paint and it worked great.

image    image



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