Bathroom DIY decor- all under $20

Shower curtain


I picked up some fabric from a garage sale for free and then got cute shower curtain hooks from Bed Bath and Beyond.

I hooked up a shower curtain liner, then the dominant color fabric, and an accent color as drapes.

I cut a piece off the accent color to serve as a pull back for the drapes.

Then I put a small hook in the wall to pull back the curtains.

And viola! Instant glam!


Glass Jars


I found old Yankee Candle Jars at the thrift store for $0.49 each so I bought them all.  Then I spray painted the lid and added a knob (you can glue it or screw it on but I glued it). Don’t forget to clear coat so it won’t chip.

Easy jar décor.


Candlestick holders


Candle sticks (each was about $2 at Goodwill)

dollar store plastic bowls (came in a pack of 4 for $1)

Super glue

Cd case

black matte spray paint

Clear coat matte spray paint


This was super easy. All you have to do is find desirable shapes for the candlesticks.  Then you glue the bowl on top of the candlesticks.  I wanted more than one to have a square base so I glued a cd case onto the bottom of one. After gluing, be sure to put something heavy on them to allow them to set overnight. Then I spray painted them matte black and clear coated them.  The bottom looks splotchy because I accidentally sprayed some water on them but it wipes off with a towel and water.




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